8 maj 2014

28 apr. 2013

Bygger framskärmar

Today I'm building front wheel fenders on the rod. Made in steel and will get a mittle part made of aluminium plate 3mm thickness.

21 apr. 2013

Front wheel on car..

Yesterday I've got the front wheels on the car, will look really nice when the rear wheels are also mounted. Will take a few more days since I need to mount spacers on the rear axle.

Right side door, mounting

Finally got second door mounted, right side now complete with window - see power motor i center of window with homemade steelbar with teeth for an old Volvo power window engine.

20 sep. 2012

In picture, the left door - now with the aluminiumframe for the window mounted. This will be pretty neat' in future when the car are getting the interior made.

Heat protection

Heat covers from the exhaust, some time ago I've made this steel plates to protect the battery cable and petrol steel line, the other evening it was mounted on the frame. Great!

Dash plates

Tonight I've made steelplates that covers the space under the dash and floor. It will be covered with fabric later on. Makes the inside of car look calm - since all cables and hoses do not show anymore.

18 sep. 2012

Window frames

Tonight I have cutted the aluminium frame's, they need to be shopped down 3 ince's since my body are lowered 3 ince's from start. Have aslo cuttet the door (inner) frames. These frames I've bought in U.s 4 years ago so i's nice to unpack them and mount them finally. 

12 sep. 2012

Engine cooler, with thermos.

Have mounted a expanion "thermos" on the radiator. Are connected with a soft hose to the lid of the radiator. If it get too hot the "steam" and hot water will flow to the expansion thermos.

When needed the "extra" water will run back to the radiator, smart and simple. Great !

Power window breakers/holders

Have made new holders and mounted on left  and right side of the "new" wall -they are for the
electric engines inside the doors.

11 sep. 2012

The Wall, must have a separator between the petroltank and the cabin. This wood wall are enough
for doing  the job. Will put colored fabric on it later.

8 sep. 2012

Hoses for heater - holder.

Needed holders for the hoses that runs to the heater unit inside the car, these hoses must not touch the very hot engine exhaust pipes.

Rear view mirror

I've bought this mirror over two years ago, now this week I finally could make a mounting plate to it and see how nice the mirrow looks when in place - neat !

6 sep. 2012

Hatshelf with isolation

Have finished the welding of the hatshelf below the window with black paint and isolation. Looks neat when in place. Needs to be dressed with some nice looking fabrics later on. Now it's start up that are the goal so I'll do it sometime in the future.

Heat in the cabin

This week I've got the heater in place - finally. It's an old FORD heater complete with fan. Has been rebuild (of course) the coppertubes are new welded in other direction. Also connected up to window outlets with silverpaper hoses. This are law in sweden to have this heater since we have cold weather 6-7 months.

Time Counter

Have bought and installed a timecounter for the engine, can be nice to have later on to see how many hour's the engine have runned. Practical also for the oil changing intervals.

23 feb. 2012

The second door a getting ready to be mounted to the body, the lock pin are  to be welded to the steel frame   
In place finally, a cover for the handbrake
with dust and plastic cover inside.

9 feb. 2012

LED light in front, both signal and parking light are of a round model

8 feb. 2012

Manufactured a frame and mounted the rubber for the gearshifter tonight, will also need to add some sealent around the rubber/steel contactsurface.

 Produced a steel holder for the ignition key, lightswitch and hornswitch. 

3 feb. 2011

Air inlet to the cupe'

I have been thinking, I've hope. The air inlet that I've have done before with a electrical small engine couldn't stand water. So I have made a water collector on it. Took many hours but now it is mounted, I have also a plastic hose all way down to the frame on the passanger side.

Water for front window/tank

Have this evening, made a holder for a used watertank from the scrap yard, I need also tomake
an opening from the trunk later on.

24 jan. 2011

No water in the trunk

Started last week to make a drainage for water that will come in the channel around the read hood, even if it's closed. Have mounted it today, here you can see the result. I really hope this will work fine since water in the trunk really are something to get frustaded over.